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There’s a lot of confusing information on the internet about stopping foreclosure. I’m sure you’ve heard of at least one of these legal theories: “produce the note,” the UCC and “note split from the deed,” quiet title and securitization fraud.

And what about conflicting information about loan audits? Do you need a securitization audit? A forensic loan audit? A quiet title assessment? How do you avoid being scammed? Where do you start?

Here’s a suggestion: keep it simple. A lawsuit, or the defense of a lawsuit, is based on facts and evidence. Whether you are in a judicial foreclosure state and defending a foreclosure lawsuit, or you’re in a non-judicial foreclosure state and bringing a lawsuit to stop a sale, you need evidence.

These products will show you what to look for, where to get evidence (it’s easier to find than you think), and how to put it all together so you have a clear picture of the facts of your own case.

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So, who am I? My name is Christine Springer. I’ve worked as a paralegal in law firms for many years. In 2007, I started Desert Edge Legal Services, LLC. Since 2009, I’ve been examining mortgage loan and foreclosure documents for homeowners, investors and attorneys across the United States. I’ve also trained real estate agents, short sale negotiators and attorneys on how to critically examine loan and foreclosure documents. And, I’ve helped at least a dozen lawyers start or add a foreclosure defense practice and reach their target audience through my blog.

I’ve completed 6200+ hours of research on foreclosure and legal issues. These products were created as a workbook for my students to accompany my loan audit classes.

A lot of people are distracted by novel legal theories and expensive reports. Before you spend your hard earned money on an expensive report, get one of our do-it-yourself products from this site and spend some time looking over your own loan and foreclosure documents. These products will walk you through my audit process, show you what to look for, and where to get the evidence in your own foreclosure case.

After you’ve audited your own loan, go to an experienced foreclosure defense attorney in the state where your property is located. A lawyer can help you determine the causes of action that arise from your factual findings.

Many of the legal theories you’ve heard about have already been rejected by courts across the US. That’s why I recommend you don’t attempt to represent yourself.

If you’re interested in learning more about foreclosure defense, politics, the economy and other related issues, please check out my blog, Foreclosure Industry News, offering news and opinion relating to foreclosures, the economy, politics and related topics.

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck!

Christine Springer

DIY Mortgage Review